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UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct

Contract Cheating

Requests to OIT Security for suspected Chegg-related student misconduct incidents

Contract Cheating

Although it has been defined in different ways, contract cheating is best described as the “outsourcing of student work to third parties” (Lancaster & Clarke, 2016, p. 639).

What is it?

Contract cheating occurs when students have someone else (third parties) complete their course work. This could be having a friend complete an assignment, or paying a company to provide answers, or hiring an individual to complete and submit course work under the student's identity. There doesn't need to be an exchange of money for this to be considered contract cheating. A favor or free resource used in a student's assignment can still be contract cheating.
Current forms of contract cheating we see at UCI:
  • Having a friend write a paper
  • Having a "tutor" heavily "edit" a student's paper (tutors are not supposed to add material information to papers and limit their assistance to correcting grammatical, logical, or technical issues)
  • Paying for an essay to be completed
  • Submitting any part of homework, assignment, exam, or course work worth points to someone else or an external resource for answers/assistance
  • Submitting questions to CourseHero, Chegg ,or any similar service for answers
  • Taking someone else's work from a homework site like CourseHero or Chegg
  • And many others! New practices come up every day so this list is not exhaustive

Requesting Investigation Data

Faculty members may initiate investigations to obtain data from Chegg/Course Hero or other related third parties in order to determine student identities as well as request that the information be taken down. OAISC will generate a letter of support for you to present to process your request.

Request a letter to submit to third parties for student information and investigation:

Requests to UCI OIT Security for suspected student misconduct incidents: Faculty are able to obtain student access logs from some third parties. Faculty need to gain approval for OIT Security to correlate this access data with logins to UCI services for which OIT Security has access to authentication logs since this is not an approved use of authentication log data. The University electronic communications non-consensual access process, must be followed.


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