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UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct

Appendix 6

Section 1

Appendix 6

Policy for Student Fee Funded Facilities

Approved July 1, 2016


This policy applies only to those fee initiatives which require incidental student mandatory fees
For the construction, expansion, renovation and/or operation of campus facilities. Amendments to 
or deletions from this policy shall be reviewed by the AGS and ASUCI councils and approved by 
the Chancellor.



1. A proposal for a fee initiative may be submitted to the Chancellor for approval from one of the following sources:

a. The ASUCI and AGS councils after receiving formal support by both councils.

b. A petition signed by at least 8% of the combined registered graduate and undergraduate students.

2. The content of the fee initiative shall be submitted in its entirety to the Chancellor for approval. The initiative shall include the following provisions:

a. Use of the fee including whether or not fees are to be used for facility operations and maintenance costs.

b. Effective date of the fees.

c. Length of time the fee will be collected.

3. The voting procedure for the fee initiative shall be submitted in its entirety to the Chancellor for approval. The voting procedures shall contain the following provisions:

a. Wording of the ballot.

b. The information brochure which shall accompany each ballot providing balanced arguments for affirmative and negative voting.

c. Determination of how invalid and blank ballots shall be counted.

d. Criteria for determining approved fee level when more than one choice exists.

e. Voting logistics (i.e., voting dates and times, locations, verification of eligibility of votes).

The fee initiative election may be held through ASUCI elections in accordance with the ASUCI Election Code and Constitution. If the voting is done outside the ASUCI Election Code process, ASUCI Council shall review the procedures and make a recommendation to the Chancellor as to whether or not they should be followed.

f. Mail ballots and proxy ballots shall not be used.

4. The minimum requirement for free initiative approval shall be 20% of the registered student body of which at least 60% must vote in the affirmative.

5. Before the voting procedures are presented to the Chancellor for approval, the Office of Student Services on behalf of the campus administration shall make a formal presentation of the proposed facilities plan, (i.e., structural, financial, promotional, educational, etc.) to the ASUCI Legislative Council at a regularly scheduled council meeting. This presentation shall be for informational purposes only and not for approval.

a. If the campus administration spends funds to produce printed materials in support of an initiative, it shall make available through ASUCI an equal amount for distribution to students with opposing arguments and points to view. The amount of funds shall be limited to the cost of printing the material and shall not include the cost of printing the information brochure and other balloting materials.

b. The funding for opposing arguments shall be transferred, in full, from the Office of Student Services to the ASUCI Business Office. The appropriations of these funds shall be the sole responsibility of the ASUCI Legislative Council. Appropriations to student groups shall be considered only after they have formally applied to the ASUCI Legislative Council with a comprehensive counter advocacy/educational plan.

6. In the event of a negative vote, the fee initiative shall not return to the ballot until two academic quarters have elapsed from the day the fee initiative results were declared official. The Chancellor must authorize another initiative, based on another recommendation from one of the sources outlined in item (1) Section I.



1. The Chancellor shall approve the Facility Advisory Board Guidelines. These shall not require approval by a general vote of the student body.

a. The final draft of the initial and/or revised Facility Advisory Board Guidelines shall be reviewed by both the ASUCI and AGS Legislative Councils.

b. Final approval of the Facility Advisory Board Guidelines and any amendments thereto shall be made by the Chancellor.

2. The Facility Advisory Board Guidelines shall contain the following membership provisions:

a. Membership shall be a majority of students.

b. The approval of the Board's student members shall be made by ASUCI and AGS.

c. The Chair shall be a student on the Board who is elected by the Board.

d. The Director of the Facility shall be a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board.

e. There shall be no co-seats on the Facility Board.



1. The Facility Advisory Board shall review and recommend for approval the following:

a. The Project Planning Guide.

b. The Project Budget.

c. The Executive Architect.

d. The Detailed Project Plan.

e. Final bid documents.

f. Proposed changes in scope during construction.

g. Name of the facility.

2. The University's Building Advisory committee shall include members from the Facility Board. The Committee shall participate in aspects of the project development including, but not limited to, review of the following:

a. Original contract amounts and associated liens/expenditures.

b. Field order and non-scope change orders.

c. Budgeted overhead amounts and associated liens/expenditures